Version 1.3 By Mortal Wars Team
Mortal Wars is a simple tournament game style inspired by human history's survival wars, in which each player owns a warrior and a weapon. Players will control the Warrior to get food and survive in the mortal arena by escaping away or attacking other players. Through some simple operations, players can easily control their Warrior, such as moving around the map, surfing, eating, and attacking during a limited time. Meanwhile, the map is constantly shrilled to increase its intensiveness.
More than entertainment purposes, Mortal Wars is a real version of the P2E game. This is the Tournament game built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with cryptocurrencies. The winners of the match will receive valuable awards that not only enrich their lives but also diversify their sources of income.
Mortal Wars seems to be a new wave. Thanks to an exclusive economic flow, Mortal Wars' anti-inflation policy helps to balance economic development and slow inflation. Winners will receive awards worth many times the entry fee, while losers will forfeit the $MWC they paid to enter the competition.
If you still need some thoughts, Mortal Wars provides both free and paid game modes that players can easily choose and experience.
Last modified 7mo ago